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Permaculture is not something that would be reserved for gardening, market gardening or agriculture. Permaculture also applies to exchanges between humans and animals and to human ethics.

Take care of the earth, take care of humans and share equitably

Permaculture is a conceptual toolbox that helps us to think about the relationships of the different elements of our garden (among other things), which makes it possible to choose techniques to answer these problems, no techniques or methods are specific to the permaculture.

Bill Mollison and David Holmgren developed the concept of permaculture, in particular through several books, these authors implied by this expression, methods and techniques of cultivation allowing to preserve the fertility of the soil.

  1. Observe and interact

  2. Collect and store energy

  3. Create a production

  4. Self-regulate and accept feedback

  5. Use and develop renewable resources and services

  6. Do not generate waste

  7. Go from general design to details

  8. Integrate rather than separate

  9. Use slow, small-scale solutions

  10. Use and value diversity

  11. Use interfaces and enhance border elements

  12. Be creative and react to change

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